International cooperation between pharmaceutical  and chemical enterprises is becoming more and more interesting with regards to  procurement,  the production development and the production process. Ethena Consult operates an expandable network of contacts both in Europe and throughout the emerging markets in Asia. Particular emphasis will be placed on the cooperation with Indian partners.


In 2011, India came third in the list of countries which international investors are interested in. (Global Foreign Direct Investment Trends, United Nations). The country is one of the strongest and constantly increasing emerging markets in the world. It not only has a highly skilled and internationally orientated workforce, but also a broad client base. In addition, the Indian economic policy has a very favourable attitude towards cooperation with multinational enterprises.
Ethena Consult inducts you through extensive training in how to deal with Indian colleagues, business people and their culture. The differing viewpoints within the day-to-day life and the business environment play a decisive role. Two coaches with Indian and European roots offer you cross-cultural training that precisely fits your needs. These courses are conducted in German, English or, by request, in Hindi.