16 years industrial experience in different international
pharmaceutical companies
Function: Head of GMP-Kilo lab for API; Supervision of different development teams, Procurement of pharmaceutical API and
raw material, Project-management on an international level, Auditor
for API Production, Implementation of Technology Transfers, Environment protection officer, Dangerous Goods Manager


• Research and Development
Scientific supervision of development projects in different development phases (Preclinical
and Phases 1 to 3). Development of various chemical/technical Second Generation Processes (Chemistry and Bio-catalysis), Responsible for the Technology Transfer of different projects.

• Projekt Management
Permanent Member and Project Leader in different Development projects from pre-clinic right
up to phase 3.

Responsible for the providing of GMP-APIs for early clinical studies. Execution of GMP-Audits
at different API manufacturers together with the QA Department.

• Outsourcing/SCM
Responsible for the supply of raw materials, intermediates and starting material for the chemical API production in close cooperation with the technical purchasing department. Installation and maintaining of an efficient network with external business partners.

• Registration
Preparation, review and approval of the technical documents (Chemistry) for the Regulatory Department.

• Change Management
Einführung und Leitung von Innovationsprozessen, Zusammenführung von verschiedenen Fachbereichen. Einführung neuer Technologien und Denkweisen in alte Laborsysteme.